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Instagram Impressions and Reach

Buy Instagram Impressions and Reach

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Instagram Impressions and Reach

Impression and Reach both mean visits to Instagram. But only pages that are business profiles publish the statistics of the two. So if you do not already have a business profile, you must first convert your profile to a Business account.

Reach: means the number of people (accounts) who have visited your post. Here we mean single accounts. For example, if an account has visited your post several times, the Rich value will be considered the same once.

Impression: The number of visits to your post is called an impression. Unlike Rich, an impression is added to your post every time a user visits your post. For example, if a user visits your post 100 times, your post impression will be added 100 times.

What is the importance of buying impressions and reach on Instagram?

You know that for your post to enter Explorer, you have to pay attention to your audience and followers. For your post to enter Explorer, the most important criteria in addition to likes and views are impression and reach. For this reason, most business pages try to increase their impression and reach. The more reach and impressions of your post, the more your post will be noticed by the audience, and this will be a guarantee to enter Explorer.

As mentioned, both parameters are the details of the Instagram post-visit, but there is a difference between impression and reach, which distinguishes them. Reach on Instagram means the number of accounts or users who view your post; That is, if a user visits a post even 10 times, 1 visit or 1 reach is considered for that post. But what is an impression?

Impression means the number of times a post is viewed; So if a user visits a post 10 times, the number of impressions of that post by the user is 10.


Frequently Asked Questions

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