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What is a Telegram emoji vote?

In a recent update, Telegram introduced a feature called reaction that allows users to react to all messages, whether in PV or groups and channels.

Telegram, as a leading messenger in updating and providing various services, has gained a special place in the world web ecosystem, for example, it has provided interesting services such as the Telegram robot and the Telegram group and channel, which many businesses invest in and use the title of an independent media. Therefore, Telegram has once again surprised us with an interesting feature, which is a reaction.

How to edit or modify waves (emoticons) in the Telegram Reaction feature

To activate or deactivate the Telegram Reaction service, you must enter the settings of your group or channel and click on the Edit option, and on the page in front of you, click on the Reactions option. On the page that opens, you must activate it by clicking on the Enable Reactions option, and you can disable any emoticons you do not need from the list below.

New and practical features of Telegram

Today, there are many messaging programs in the world, and each of them competes with each other by adding new and more useful features. Telegram is one of the best and most secure social networks with unique features. It can be said that with each new update that Telegram releases, it adds a series of very useful features that make the use of this program very exciting, to these messengers.

Telegram reaction is a feature that has recently been added to this program. With this feature, you can make your chat space more beautiful and in addition, without wasting time and simply show your opinion with a wave to the desired message.

Introducing Telegram reactions

The reaction feature was added in the 8.4 updates of Telegram, which was released in 2021. Using Telegram Reaction, you can respond to other people's messages. There is a list of emojis next to your messages. You can select your emoji or emoji related to the subject of the message and send your video response.

Your reaction is connected to the desired message and this way you can easily and hassle-free deliver your reaction. In fact, by sending a reaction, you use the same telegram stickers, only the way they are sent is different. The usual way of sending stickers is different from the reaction, ie the sticker is sent as a separate message. But when you respond to a personal message, the message you send is attached to the text and will not be sent separately.

How to use Telegram Reactions

To use this feature, you must first update your Telegram application. After installing the latest version of Telegram software to use reaction, just double-click on the desired message to record your reaction to the message. This feature is enabled by default for private chats and uses a wave of likes.

You can change this wave as you wish. To use other ripples, tap the message once, and a list of ripples will be displayed. In the bar where the waves are shown, drag them left and right to display the other waves. Then in the last step, select your desired wave to be recorded as your reaction to the message.

Buy Telegram reactions

You can respond to a channel post by clicking on it. To attract more audience and increase the popularity of the channel, in addition to the member, you also need reactions to the channel posts. You can help increase the popularity of your channel by buying Fick Telegram reaction.

Telegram reaction shopping service has many types that you can buy at the lowest price. You can reply to your group and supergroup messages. By doing this, you can gain the trust of some people.

There are several different sites that you can use to buy Telegram Reactions. It is good to know that you can get members for your channels and increase your post views. By purchasing a channel member, you can introduce your channel to Telegram users.

Some Telegram admins buy emoticon votes because of the posts of channel products or groups. In general, you can manage your channel well by using Telegram services. To buy Telegram reaction, you should pay attention to a few points:

Choose the one you want and buy only one reaction.

Telegram emoticons attract attention and help your channel visit.

There are different tariffs for buying emoticons depending on your emoticons.

First, read the site records to be sure.

Does buying emoticons affect post traffic?

Telegram reaction capability

In many cases, you can increase the views and reactions to your posts by buying channel visits or buying a member for your group. It is better to increase the activity of users in the group of controversial posts or award-winning posts. Telegram reactions increase the views of your posts. You can buy Telegram reaction through the Buylike site and use its numerous services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that may arise when buying Telegram Reactions from Buylike.

In its recent update, Telegram introduced a feature called Reaction that users can react to all messages, whether in the message or in groups and channels.

All emoticons purchased through virtual accounts are provided and the real person is not behind the emoticons. Remember that you only get one post by buying votes for your post and your other posts need to be repurchased. You need to buy traffic to your channel.

Yes, for every reaction or emoji vote that is added to your post, a visit is added to that post.

Yes; If you encounter any problems while receiving the service, you can contact the Buylike support team.

Telegram response orders start within 1 hour during reasonable hours, but orders generally take between 1 and 24 hours to start.

  • please don't buy reactions for the same post until the previous order is in progress.
  • The page must be public until the order is completed.
  • The post should not be deleted.


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