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Instagram Saves

Instagram saves is a parameter whose statistics can only be seen in the business profiles of Instagram. If you want to check the number of times your Instagram posts are saved by users and know how valuable your content production is and how popular you are with your followers, we suggest that you first read about converting your Instagram account to a business profile.

Saves: Indicates the number of times a post is saved by users; the higher the number of times your post is saved, the more users still want to see that post in the future. The number of times a photo or video is saved is also a very important factor in checking the Instagram engagement rate.

By purchasing an Instagram save post, you can show your Instagram users and page followers how useful and relevant your generated content is, and others can save your post by seeing these statistics or accompany you to publish your post.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that may arise when buying Mentions from Buylike.

No. We promise we will not ask for your password because we do not even need it. We recommend that you never disclose your credit information to others to keep your account secure.

No, this is not expected to happen. However, our site is ready as always, we will compensate you if a drop occurs.

People can not see the number of people who saved your post. You can just take a picture of it and share it with them.

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  • please don't buy saves for the same post until the previous order is in progress.
  • The page must be public until the order is completed.
  • The post should not be deleted or archived.


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