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Instagram Live Video Views

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Instagram Live Video Views

Because one of the features of Instagram is the ability to broadcast live on Instagram, and daily different people on their page, inform their followers about what they are doing, including travel or parties, etc., and increase the number of people watching your live video can increase your credibility. We decided to offer you this product with the best possible quality to satisfy you.

Make your popularity more popular among users by using the BuyLike Instagram live traffic service!

This service is currently the best type of live Instagram visit because the visits fluctuate very naturally and low. This means that the entry and exit of visitors from your life are normal and the number that shows the views at the top of your life has a natural and low fluctuation.

What is Instagram Live and why do I need them?

The Instagram live show is a relatively new feature on Instagram. This feature allows everyone to receive live viewers on their page. Ever since the introduction of Instagram live videos, it has received more and more attention. In recent days, its popularity has increased dramatically. Almost every Instagram user has been to a live at least once before. Any Instagram profile can be activated at any time, whether it is a personal or business profile, which makes it attractive to a wide audience. This is a unique opportunity to stream video or live stream to your followers and viewers and keep them up to date on any topic.

Companies often use this feature to introduce new products to their audiences. While many athletes and artists use this feature to stay in touch with their fans. It offers a special opportunity for everyone to get instant feedback on anything in seconds. In addition, it allows viewers to interact with your live via the comment option. With the help of Live Videos, many influencers had the opportunity to connect with their fans. It does not matter if you are a favorite footballer or a singer you have always loved, they are all streamed live on Instagram and can answer your questions.

The videos that are advertised usually receive thousands of views, likes, and comments. If you want to find out how to get to explore the page as quickly as possible, you have come to the right website. With our help, you can buy Instagram Live View and go to the top of these Explorer pages. Reaching the top of the Explorer page has many benefits, and multiplies the view and access of your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that may arise when buying Live Views from Buylike.

Yes; To buy a live Instagram visit and receive it in full, you must put your page in public mode.

It only takes a few minutes for this service to be applied to your live.

Yes; This service only applies to one live.

  • please don't buy live views for the same page until the previous order is in progress.
  • The page must be public until the order is completed.
  • The live should not be turned off or stopped.
  • Does not apply to groups of two or more people.

Terms of order cancellation and refund if views are not applied:

  1. Take live screenshot with live time display (click the live button) after 15 minutes of live performance.
  2. Send the uploaded screenshot link on site to the support.



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